Saturday, 13 August 2016

How To Build An Healthy Skin

Are you looking for the best way to have an healthy looking skin?search no more because on article I will be teaching you the secret behind an healthy skin.
1.Quit smoking and avoid cigarette smoke. Besides causing cancer and wreaking havoc on your lungs, heart, and circulatory system, smoking dries out your skin and makes it look old and wrinkled. Cigarette smoke destroys the capillaries on the surface of your skin which deprives it of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to thrive, and even the act of smoking causes lines to form around the mouth and eyes.
2.Protect your skin from the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun dry out your skin and make it look leathery as well as causing permanent discoloration and age spots. Constant sun exposure and sunburn is linked to skin cancer. Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially between 10am and 4pm when it's most intense. Use 15 SPF (or higher) sunscreen every day, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and keep your arms, shoulders, and legs covered if you must be out in the sun.
3. Feed your skin with healthy foods. Your skin needs nourishment from the vitamins and minerals found in fresh, wholesome foods. Support cell growth and regeneration with the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts, and dark green vegetables. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidant vitamins C and E which protect the skin, and vitamins B and A which help replenish damaged skin cells.
4.Avoid saturated fats, processed sugars, and excessive alcohol. Saturated fats and processed sugars lead to breakouts and can make your skin look oily and shiny. Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates your body and dries your skin, and alcohol leaches the nutrients from your blood that your skin needs to look healthy and fresh.
5.Get a good night's sleep every night. The effects of one night of poor sleep are evident in the morning---pale skin, dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. Long-term lack of sleep makes these effects permanent and causes premature aging. Getting at least 8 solid hours of sleep a night keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy, and saves you time and money because you will not have to use creams and makeup to hide the effects of inadequate sleep.

Monday, 8 August 2016

8 Things To Do Before Starting Up A Small Scale Business

Are you planning on how to setup a small scale business?maybe you want to use the money you have saved for long or your retirement pension,seeking steps on how to achieve your purpose.
   They might be crucial mistakes you can make when staring your own personal business so I wouldnt want  you to fall into such mistakes.
I will be listing 8 steps on how to setup your business,these steps has being used by successful business men over the years.

  1. Choose a niche: Finding a right niches is the first thing to consider when starting up a business,choose a niche that you have the knowledge or experienced in, you will have great chance of targeting the right people.
  2. Do some research: Research can be the product you want to sell, do a thorough research by checking if the product you are trying to sell is in high demand by the customers wo are looking for the same product that you want to sell.
  3. Plan your finance: When you are about to start your own business it doesn't mean you have to 'break the bank' what am trying to say is that it doesn't require huge capital to start a business it will involve some initial investment,maybe by borrowing loans or asking for grants.
  4. Finding a location: Building up your place of business is very essential for the operation of your business,Weither it is a retail location,private or home offices. You have to think about the location you are going to use for your business and make sure your business location works for the type of business you are doing.
  5. Create a business structure: Having a business structure in terms of Weither it will be a sole proprietorship(A one man business),a partnership or a corporation. As you have chosen an in initial business structure and then re-evalute and change your structure as your business grows and needs some changes.
  6. Pick a business name; Choosing a business name plays a very important role in almost every aspect of your business,so you would like it to be a good one. Once you have decided a name you want for your business,you will need to check if it's trademark or currently in use if it those,try using a different name no other business(s) have ever used.
  7. Choose a team: This aspect can be very crucial because you wouldn't know if the person your want to choose have the passion for your business or shares the same vision with you. You succeed or fail not on the strength of your idea or your product,but on the strength of your team.
  8. Plan wisely an accounting system; Small scale business run most effectively when their systems are in place.One of the most important systems for a business is an accounting, accounting in terms of how the money is being used and managed properly.You can be the one managing it or better still you can hire a trusted accountant.

Friday, 5 August 2016

5 Foods That Kills You Slowly

Perhaps you might be consuming foods that you you think is good for your health but if you think of this 5 foods,think again.Its time you discover the hidden dangers of food that kills you,considering a single 'CAN' of soda that contains almost 10 teaspoons of refined sugar,here are the list of food you have to consider during your diet:

  1. Sugar:When we consume foods that has high sugar it reduces performance in parts of the body, too much sugar starts to create insulin resistance,which causes people to crave more foods especially sugar. This may contribute to diabetes,excessive sugar consumption is associated with a host of disease including pancreatic cancer and kidney disease.

2.Tobacco: The health effects of tobacco on human body it leads to commonly known disease such as the heart,liver and lungs.Tobacco smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals about 70 of them are known to cause cancer.

3.Soft drink: The consumption has become a highly visible and controversial public health and public policy issue.Soft drinks are viewed by many as a
major contributor to obesity and related health
problems and have consequently been targeted as a means to help curtail the rising prevalence of obesity,particularly among children.

4.Alcohol: Alcohol can cause high blood pressure commonly known as 'HYPERTENSION', which increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. It also weakens heart muscles(cardiac muscles)it can cause failure of the heart,weakens the lungs and mal-function on the brain,these can result in the excessive in take of alcoholic drinks.

5.Caffeine: It mostly unhealthy for the most adults ranging from 18-50 years when
used appropriately. Caffeine is unhealthy when taken through the mouth for a long time or in high doses. Caffeine can cause insomnia(lack of sleep),restlessness,nervousness.Stomach irritation,nausea and vomiting,increase heart rate and respiration and other side effects.

A common saying says'Health Is Wealth' never neglect what type of food you taken cause good health is as a result of healthy food.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

How To Stay Out Of Financial Debt

Many people are struggling with their finances in today's economy.Many business and marriages has failed due to debt,Now why do people still have their debts still unpaid reasons because they have no financial plan. On this topic I will show you how you can get out of debt and start laying focus on the things that are very essential to you.
   Today I will be sharing 6 ways to get out of debt and enjoy the life you deserve.

  1. Make a monthly budget: What this does it helps you to see tangibly what you are spending each month what you are bringing in,it helps monitor visually see where the money is going into.
  2. Don't carry around extra cash&direct deposit your check: When you direct deposit your check you are not taking out extra cash and by limiting your cash flow you limit spending on unnecessary things or binge spending.
  3. Access living cost:What I mean by that is to access what you are paying as monthly mortgage or your utility bills maybe you need to downsize your house,or you find a place a little bit cheaper and rent find something that will meet your need however,that you are not spending a lot of money.
  4. Trim unnecessary spending: Could be you are spending a little bit too much money maybe your cell phone bill and also reduce your entertainment expenses such as club membership,cable bill,look for inexpensive entertainment options and also find a way to reduce travel expenses
  5. Make more money: That's an option and sometimes getting a second job for part-time job to make more money.Somehow,thats the best way to get out of debt
  6. Communicate with your creditor:Stay in touch with any creditor,get to convince them to reduce the interest rates weither you  on a short time or long time loan.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is a way for people to store,organise,search and manage "bookmarks"of web pages. Users save links to web pages that they like or want to share using a social bookmarking site to store these links.
      Social bookmarking doesn't only organise and store web pages but it also helps in better SEO(search engine optimization),internal and external link building to gain more search on the web.It can also drive quality traffic to your website real human traffic and also people can easily notice your brand and get to know what you have to offer.
The list of top 10 high pagerank social book marking website you can submit your blog post and it's absolutely free no hidden charges.

  1. Facebook:This one of the mostly used social bookmarking sites of all time,it was launched on February 4,2004 by Mark Zuckerberg at age 21.Facebook which has over 1.71 billion monthly active users.By creating a facebook page or group you can easily share your blog post.Alexa Rank:3
  2. Stumbleupon:Was launched on November 2001,owned by Garret camp&Geoff Smith.Alexa rank:8
  3. Twitter:Which is mostly used for brand awareness was founded in March 21,2006.Owner and managed by Jackey Dorsey. Alexa rank:8
  4. Pinterest: Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that operates in photo sharing website,Founder:Ben Silbermen launched in March 2010
  5. Tumblr:It is a micro-blogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007,owned by yahoo since 2013,Alexa rank:46
  6. Google Plus:Its an Internet based social network that is owned and operated by Google Inc.Launched December 15.Alexa rank:No records
  7. Reddit:This an entertainment,social and news website,where registered users can share images,blog post and videos.CEO:Steve Huffman,founded on June 23 2005.Alexa rank:26
  8. Slashdot:This social bookmark site was founded in 1997 by Rob Malda. Alexa rank:1950,visit
  9. Digg:Is a news aggregator with a curated page,aiming to select stories specifically for the internet audience such as science,trending political issues and viral internet issues.It was launched December 5,2004.Co-founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose, Alexa rank:904
  10. a content marketing software company that was founded in the year 2007.Co-founders: Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier,Alexa rank:No records.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

(Read)Nigeria Ranks Among The Best 1000 Universities In The World

According to a source,forbes has finally come to conclusion to release the best universities in the world which Nigeria was not expectional.
   The source reveals that the best 10 Africa universities that got ranked among the 1000 that all are from Nigeria,In the whole Africa Nigeria takes the lead of having the best universities,here is the list of the 10 universities:

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University(O.A.U)ile-ife
  2. Federal University Of Agriculture,Abeokuta(FUNAAB)
  3. University Of Lagos(Unilag)
  4. University Of Nigeria,Nsukka(UNN)
  5. University Of ilorin
  6. University Of Ibadan(U.I)
  7. Ahmadu Bello University(ABU)
  8. Auchi Polytechnic
  9. University Of Benin(UNIBEN)
  10. Covenant University,Ota